The day care facility Peterchens Mondfahrt was founded on 7 July 1997. Back then, it adhered to a programme called "Netz für Kinder" (net for children). It was based on the need of employees of the German Aerospace Center for care facilities for their children aged between two and four years.

The parent initiative for child care aimed to assist the children as well as their parents. The young children should be cared for in a positive way and in a family-like environment they loved to go to. They were cared for by a trained child worker and parents who took turns in working at Peterchens Mondfahrt.

The operating permit for this programme ended in August 2011. The concept was then changed to a so-called Großtagespflege or large day care group. From then, a group of eight children were cared for by two child care workers.

The facility was housed in a temporay building in what is now the playground area fifty meters further from the current site. In October 2013, the German Aerospace Center renovated and offered the current house which was formerly used by administration and which is ideally suited for a child care facility. In the new building, two groups could be installed: the Sonnenkäfer group (formerly Sternenwiese) with ten children, and the Mondschäfchen group with five children in the upper floor. The children are aged between one and three years.