About the association


The day care facility Peterchens Mondfahrt is supported by an association of the same name. The association represents Peterchens Mondfahrt to the outside, e.g. to the DLR, the district office, the finance office or the bank. The association is also the employer of the caregivers of your children. Two members of the association make up the board, at the moment these are Mrs Birgit Büsing and Mrs Marie Otto. The members meet once a year in order to elect the board and discuss current topics. There are about twenty members of the association, most of them are parents of children who attend Peterchens Mondfahrt or have attended in the past, or employees. While everyone can be a member, it is not necessary for you to become a member in order for your child to attend Peterchens Mondfahrt. The admission to and cancellation of your membership is therefore separate from the contract of care of your child. You find forms for admission and cancellation in the Downloads section. However, in order to cancel your membership, a simple email also suffices.