In case of illness

  • In the interest of your child and other families, we urge you not to bring children that have fever or other infectuous diseases. Please call at 8 am if your child was sick during the night and can not attend Peterchens Mondfahrt.
  • If your child does not feel well or is injured while at the day care, you are called immediately and asked to take your child home.
  • Some diseases fall under the "Bundesseuchengesetz", e.g. varicella, pneumonia, scarlet fever or pertussis. Please inform us if one of these diseases occured in your family. A doctor needs to confirm that your child is healthy after such an illness before it can attend Peterchens Mondfahrt again.
  • You are informed about illnesses that occured at Peterchens Mondfahrt at the building.
  • If a caregiver falls ill, we have assigned another caregiver that is known to your children. However, it this person is also ill, it is possible that the group or whole day care facility must be closed for a given time.